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Vintage Rider: Fashionable iPhone 7 Case by Stil

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When I look for a cellphone case, I not only look for functionality but also a case that is fashionable. 

The  Vintage Rider encompasses both of these qualities and it's nice that I keep receiving compliments on the case validating my purchase (which always makes me feel a little better on the inside :). 

Not every case is created equal and not every case is perfect so let's start off with the good aspects: 


I love that it acts as both a case and a wallet. I'm the kind of gal who doesn't like to carry a purse if I don't have to and if I do, I like to carry very little. 

If you lay the case on one side, the side with the phone, it looks like a normal cellphone case. The actual piece that holds the phone in place is nicely textured so it doesn't fall out of your hand easily and there's also a decently sized bevel surrounding the lip of the phone which is another good sign of protection. 

If you flip it on the opposite end, you have what looks like a nice little rustic, light brown, leather wallet with subtle stitching on the outside and a button clasp. When you open the clasp, it reveals five card slots with one including a place for your license to easily be seen without having to take it out. 

There's also an extra pocket under the left side of slots for placing receipts or other loose papers that need to be easily stuffed in quickly. What's nice about these slots, that can sometimes be a downfall for other similar cases, is that you have the ability to stuff more than one card in each slot without really over stretching the opening. 

The fact that the phone is not inside the clasped area is also a plus because that gives me the convenience to text and talk on my phone without having to undo the clasp or having to speak with what may look like an open checkbook against my face, like I see some people end up doing in public. 


The only downside of the case is that when I need to use the back-facing camera, I have to open the wallet which reveals all my cards outwardly. I could take the phone out of its case, but for convenience purposes that would just take too long. 

It's not a dealbreaker for me and it definitely is better than someone catching me talking on the phone with a little open-faced book slapped on my face. 

Final Thoughts:

Functionality aside, this case is also super cute and stylish. I've had lots of people come up to me and ask me if I got the case from Madewell, J Crew, or Fossil. 

Maybe that's why I was so attracted to the case to begin with because those are literally the only places I shop! It's great to be able to find a case that matches my overall style without having to break the bank. That's always a plus in my book! Overall, the Vintage Rider case meets my practical needs and also represents my style.

Final Score: 8/10

What It Goes With:

Shop for the case here:

Thanks for reading - Lisa.

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