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5 Reasons To Own The Eco Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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The future is going wireless, and cell phone charging is no different. As long as your cell phone is Qi compatible, you can charge it wirelessly. While change can be scary, sometimes it’s for the best. Unfortunately not everyone is convinced. If you count yourself as one of those people keep reading. Below are 5 good reasons to make the wireless-leap with the ECO Wireless Charging Pad.

ECO wireless charging pad available from creekle.com

#1. Convenience

If you’ve ever had to get up at night and plug your phone in, pay attention. Fumbling around in the dark, stepping on your dogs tail, all the while trying to find the hole to plug the cord into while trying not to drop the phone and wake everybody up can be an ordeal. Well not anymore. Now you can just “set it and forget it.” Simply place the phone on the charging pad and voilà! You’re done. And with the ECO Pad’s convenient light indicators, you’ll be able to keep track of your phone’s charge level without even turning it on.

The ECO charging pad's light indicators

#2. No more charging cord replacements

If you’ve ever owned a cell phone, you’ve undoubtedly had to replace the charging cord. It’s a costly hassle. They are made cheap and it shows. Their average lifetime is only about 1,500 connect/disconnects, which add up faster than you think. With that in mind, it makes sense to just cut them out of the equation. With wireless charging, you’ll never again be bothered with buying fragile overpriced cords.

frayed charging cords are a common problem

#3. It’s the future

We may not have flying hoverboards just yet, but at least now we can charge our phones without plugging them in! With more and more new smartphones being “Qi compatible” it’s clear that this is where the future of charging is heading. Once you make the change you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. When buying an ECO Charging Pad you can be sure it will be supported for a very long time, or at least for another 15 iterations of the iPhone 5. ZING!

hover-boards are the future

#4. It looks cool

While this reason is purely superficial, it’s no less legitimate. This thing looks great. Many wireless charging pads have awkward shapes and fat designs, but the ECO Wireless Charging Pad is sleek, thin, and minimal. With its discreet and low profile design you can place it anywhere in your home and still maintain a classy look. This thing is the future, and the future looks good.

Black ECO wireless cell phone charger

#5. Low cost

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about the ECO Wireless Charging Pad is its price. Many of the other charging pads out there cost upwards of $70. With them you’re most likely only paying for the brand name and getting an average product. The ECO Pad on the other hand, holds a strong, fast charge, and won’t try to attack your wallet. For being under $35 the ECO Wireless Charging Pad is a smart choice.

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