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High-End BMW And Ferrari Cell Phone Cases

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Whether you’re a car aficionado or just like classy things, try taking a look at our BMW and Ferrari cell phone cases.

Both of these cases exude class and style with their minimal and sleek designs. You don’t need to be a fan of the companies to appreciate these fine pieces of work.

Let’s talk a bit about the BMW cases. Focused on offering a high end product, Creekle has carefully hand picked our favorite BMW cases that we feel are sure to impress. Take the BMW Carbon Fiber Snap-On Case for the Apple iPhone 5s. It’s covered with a high quality carbon fiber texture. There’s also a small BMW logo carefully located in the bottom right hand corner. That’s it. It’s simple, sleek and to the point. BMW clearly understands that sometimes less is more.

But this case isn’t just pretty, it’s durable too. It’s clear that great care was taken to design this case to be highly protective. It’s sturdy and provides a snug fit keeping your phone safe from drops, scratches and dings. It’s also extremely low profile keeping your phone bulk-free.

BMW Case for the iPhone 5s available from creekle.com

And then there are the Ferrari cases. They are a worthy adversary to BMW as their cases are just as, if not more, elegant.

Take a look at Ferrari’s own GT Carbon Snap-On Hard Case. This is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. Featuring a metallic look, this carbon fiber case also has a high quality carbon fiber texture covering its exterior. There is a small Ferrari horse near the top middle. It’s simple and sleek.

This case has also been carefully molded to snugly fit the iPhone. This is important because it prevents the phone from falling out of the case when it’s dropped.

A close up look at the ferrari cell phone case

Aside from these two beautiful examples, Creekle.com offers a wide selection of different high quality BMW and Ferrari cases. From leather cell phone pouches, to hard snap-on cases, there’s bound to be something to fit your tastes.

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