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The Best Heavy-Duty Case For Your Motorola Moto G

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Cell phones aren’t cheap. That’s why when it comes to its safety there’s no time for jokes. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, work a physically demanding job, or just want to make sure your phone is safe, we’ve got the case for you.

Red and black tri-shield kombo case for moto G

The Tri-Shield Kombo Case for the Moto G is one of Beyond Cell’s newest cell phone cases to hit the shelves. This case is designed with the rugged lifestyle in mind. It’s clear that Beyond Cell really took the time to design something that would offer substantial protection and security.

Let’s talk features. What you get here is a kickstand, belt clip holster, and screen protector. The belt clip locks in for a nice firm grip, and is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. The kickstand also feels rather sturdy, unlike some of its flimsy counterparts. As for the screen protector, it’s may not be tempered glass, but it certainly does the job.

So this thing has some nice features, but where it really shines is its sturdy design. Made out of two different materials, the Tri-Shield Case comes with a scratch resistant outer polycarbonate shell, and a shock resistant inner silicone lining. What I really like here is all the little shock absorbing pads on the inside of the lining, and the thick, reinforced corners providing extra drop protection. It does a great job of making your phone feel secure.

Shock absorbing inside pads

But let’s not forget about the outside. It features a rubberized exterior coating and numerous tiny bumps all over equating to a grip so good that you’ll feel like you’re Spider-Man. Combine that with the way the sides curve inwards and you have a phone that isn’t leaving your hand.

Padded corners for extra drop-protection

Perhaps the best part about this case is how relatively bulk-free it is. Normally protection and slim cases don’t go together. While the Tri-Shield Case isn’t low profile per se, it’s got a really sleek design to it. With the aforementioned curved sides, it’s clear that Beyond Cell put a lot of effort into making a case perfectly molded to snugly fit its intended device.

Curved sides for added grip

I highly recommend the Tri-Shield Kombo Case for anyone looking for extra protection. It’s even a good contender with OtterBox. It’s perfect for physical activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and anything else where you’ll be bouncing around. It’s also a great product for people with physically demanding jobs. Simply secure it to your belt for quick, dependable access.

The Tri-Shield Kombo Case is also available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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