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A Closer Look at the Scuderia Ferrari Cell Phone Cases

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Creekle's selection of Ferrari Cell Phone Cases

“Class and style.” These are the first two words that pop into my head when I pick up one of these finely crafted cell phone cases. I don’t like to throw the term “art” around loosely, but I think it applies in this case (get it?).

Available for multiple devices including the Apple iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4, and the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Scuderia Ferrari cell phone cases are a great way to instantly sport-up your smartphone while getting the protection you need. Most of the cases feature handcrafted genuine leather, lined inside with a hard, protective shell.

Others such as the Ferrari GT Carbon snap-on case for the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4, feature a durable metal-like exterior designed to provide comprehensive damage protection. This case is Creekle’s most popular case, and for good reason. It’s clear that great care went into making it.

Ferrari case up close

There is a reason that the GT Carbon case is our biggest seller. It looks fantastic. What makes it really stand out is its unique and minimal design that features a carefully placed Prancing Horse logo with a high-end carbon fiber backdrop. The silver color instantly captures your attention as it sparkles in the light it catches. Ferrari seems to have caught onto how much people love shiny things.

Of course looks mean nothing if the case doesn’t perform. That’s not an issue here; this thing is sturdy. Unlike some of the low-end cases that allow for phone-jiggle, this case has an extremely snug fit. So much so, that it feels more like an extension of the actual phone than an additional case. This is important because you don’t want something that will let the phone slip out when dropped.

For anyone thinking about getting one of these Ferrari cases, don’t let the price tag deter you. While it may be higher than that of a low-end case, it’s certainly worth it. You get what you pay for, and that’s especially true here. They are durable, well made, and just plain cool.

The only real con these cases really have is that they won’t make your phone go any faster. Maybe in the next version though, right?

You can find the GT Carbon snap-on case at creekle.com, as well as many other cases, chargers, cords and more.

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