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One of the Top Screen Protectors for your Apple iPhone 5S/5C/5

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One of the first things people buy when they get a new phone is a screen protector. Cell phones aren’t cheap, so it only makes sense that protecting them is of top priority. But with so many different options, which one should you get? Take a look at the Tempered Glass Screen Protector by Beyond Cell.

Tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 5s

The Tempered Glass Premium Screen Protector by Beyond Cell is exactly what you need for your Apple iPhone 5s/5c/5. It’s shatterproof, virtually unscratchable, and completely resistant to fingerprints and smudges. Available in an array of colors, this screen protector perfectly combines form with functionality.

Tempered glass screen protector resisting a power drill

With this screen protector, you don’t have to sacrifice thinness for protection. Being only 0.5mm thick and having 9H hardness (I’ll touch more on this later), the Beyond Cell Screen Protector is as slim and durable as they get. The best part is that it has 99.99% clarity and touchscreen accuracy. Basically, you can’t even tell that it’s on your phone.

One problem that I’ve always had with screen protectors is how bad they look. Sure they protect your screen, but you sacrifice visibility with all the bubbles, defeating the purpose. Thankfully the Beyond Cell Premium Screen Protector offers a 100% bubble-free installation. It also won’t leave residue when removed, unlike many of its cheaper counterparts.

Tempered glass screen protector resisting a knife

But what really makes this screen protector so much better than the others? Simply put, it’s the hardness. A screen protector’s durability is measured in hardness using the pencil hardness scale. This scale goes from 9H being the hardest, to 9B being the softest. This is what determines how scratch resistant it will be.

Your average screen protector is only about 3H-4H. The low end, 3-pack screen protectors are usually around 1H-2H, while the more expensive ones start around 6H. You can only achieve 8H+ with tempered glass, and that’s what this screen protector does. The Beyond Cell Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector clocks in at an impressive 9H, the max level on the scale!

Tempered glass is usually created in one of two ways. One way is burning a piece of glass with temperatures of about 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then rapidly cooling it. Another way is to chemically strengthen the glass by bathing it in potassium salt at about 570 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the sodium ions in the glass’ surface to be replaced by potassium ions. Basically, it makes the glass really hard.

But why stop at scratches? Smudges can be annoying too. Thankfully this Premium Screen Protector comes equipped with an oleophobic coating that offers a resistance against smudges and fingerprints. This is really the icing on the cake.

Crystal clear and scratch free screen protector

The Beyond Cell Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes highly recommended. If you want to keep your iPhone’s screen safe, then this is the way to do it. With its perfect clarity, stylish color, and top-notch durability, you can’t go wrong.

You can find the Beyond Cell Tempered Glass Screen Protector at creekle.com.

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