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Big changes with Skype 5.0 launching this month for iPhone

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Skype 5.0 preview

Today Microsoft announced that Skype version 5.0 for the iPhone would be launching next week.

Skype, one of the biggest messaging programs in recent years, is stepping back into the ring as a major competitor with it’s most refined version to date.

Smooth animations, an updated look, and increased performance with less battery drain are a few of the many welcomed changes coming this month. One of the most notable new features is that this new version is said to be “over 5 times faster” than previous iterations. Notifications will also be improved so that if you use Skype on multiple devices and look at a message on one of them, it will be marked as read on the other devices too. While this feature has become commonplace in other messaging apps, it’s still nice to see it finally make its way to Skype.

On the visual side of things, this new update will feature a new look that is more consistent with the Windows Phone and Android apps. It seems that Skype is going for a more uniform look, which is never a bad thing in a market full of so much diversity.

Finally, users can now start group chats straight from the hub. Messages and photos can also now be sent even if the recipient is offline. This is a huge feature that has been strangely absent until now. Once the recipient signs back in, they’ll see your message.

Check out Skype 5.0 for the iPhone in the video below:

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